MainFrame TCPIP configuration
Tyson Systems Inc does not provide support for configuring the MainFrame TCPIP. It is assumed that you are able to PING, perform an NSLOOKUP, and FTP to/from the mainframe already. IP stacks tested include OS/390 2.5 to z/OS 1.2.

If your installation is new to TCPIP, we can provide a sample set of TCPIP configuration members but we do not warrant that the product will work for all Mainframe TCPIP stacks. We will do our best to provide suggestions but limit our liability to refunding the purchase price of the product. A trial should ascertain the suitability of this server in your environment.

IP Address
Your MainFrame will of course have a static IP address in the Network. There is no restriction on the IP address used. If you use the default dataset naming conventions the main IP setup is contained in TCPIP.PROFILE.TCPIP. Gateway information will be supplied in this dataset.

The ARPAGE parameter default supplied with the TCPIP parm datasets is 20 minutes and is static. Most ISPs will not have this parm correctly set initialy. If you are having problems "getting out" through your provider, mention this to the senior TCPIP analyst.

DNS Configuration for the Gateway Machine
DNS should be enabled on the gateway machine accessed from DragonFly. If you use the standard naming conventions the domain name server entries can be specified in TCPIP.TCPIP.DATA along with host name specification and trace parameters. DNS availability is optional.

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