CIO Summary:

Price list - Low cost

The DragonFly Server is a native MVS Mainframe Web Server. This means that the DragonFly server can present data stored on the Mainframe directly to a common browser on your Intranet, Virtual Private Network (VPN), Extranet or the Internet. This page is a simple example. DragonFly will present HTML, XML, Java objects, sound files, movie files and graphics.

DragonFly Server is different from other "Mainframe Web Servers" in that it can capture data from any site on the Internet as well as present it. DragonFly does not require any expensive, intermediate or supporting tiers or Web Farms. This server does not use any of the "screen scraping" strategies advertised by other vendors that use the Mainframe as a backend. This server allows you to extract Mainframe data in a direct, and efficient manner with scalability engineered into it. DragonFly can be configured to isolate applications or segments of applications for accurate charge-back. No modifications to your chargeback system are necessary.

Dragonfly Server is an alternative to other more complicated application servers such as WebSphere. Unix System Services, Java, or non-standard filesystem knowledge is not required.

Very low CPU usage and low cost of ownership.

The Common Gateway Interface (CGI) allows your development staff to write Mainframe interfaces without having to learn UNIX or OBJECT ORIENTED languages. COBOL, PL/1, C, C++ and even Mainframe assembler may be used to create content presentable on any common browser. Legacy application code may be re-used to implement this interface with minor customization. In addition, legacy data can be supplemented with all the usual GUI interfaces you would expect to see in a Web application such as Java scripts, charts, graphics, and Java applets.

IBM's Customer Information Control System (CICS) currently presents data only to expensive 3270 terminal emulators such as PCOMM or ATTACHMATE. The DragonFly Server presents data directly to common and free Web browsers such as Internet Explorer or Netscape Navigator. How much could you save by eliminating the expense of these client workstation add-ons? Some shops could forgo the cost of licensing CICS and System Network Architecture (SNA) gateway servers by moving some or all business functions to the DragonFly Server.

DragonFly Server also comes with a feature that allows your Mainframe to retrieve data from the Web. This data can be extracted from pages that contain stock quotes or the latest news item or vote/poll tallies. In turn your Mainframe could send the information to whatever display devices are available. For example, display the latest sales stats for your company widgets on a corporate message board as the batch jobs process purchase orders. Communication links in production processes could easily be established with associated companies.

Find out how we can help you make your Mainframe data accessable to alternate platforms. Contact us for a free, no obligation 45 day trial of the DragonFly Server. If your IS staff would like more technical information on installation they can find out more. here.