Executive Summary:

The DragonFly Server is a native MVS Mainframe Web Server with an Internet Capture program. This means that the DragonFly server can present data stored on the Mainframe directly to a common browser on your Intranet, Virtual Private Network (VPN), Extranet or the Internet. The Capture program (we liken it to a browser) can retrieve any kind of information for your company from anywhere on the Internet and store it on your mainframe for processing. DragonFly will present and retrieve HTML, XML, Java objects, sound files, movie files and graphics.


- low cost of ownership
- Installs on your mainframe in less than an hour
- Web Server and Internet Capture
- Sandbox style development capabilities for stability
- Conforms to your current chargeback capabilities.
- Your company is first priority for our consulting services

Why buy DragonFly?:

- Your Mainframe IT Staff will like and use this product!
- Alternative to the very complicated (and expensive) WebSphere.
- An interface between your mainframe and other platforms for migration.
- Alternative to the very complicated (and expensive) CICS.
- z/OS, OS/390 and MVS/ESA platforms are all supported.
- OMVS (unix like environment) knowledge is unnecessary.
- An elegant data aquisition solution for the mainframe.

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