DragonFly V1.40 Features

  • Multi-instance server
  • Database Sharing with other instances
  • Easily Installed, Uninstalled and Configured
  • Dynamic HTML via CGI programing, SQL capability from DB2.
  • Conversion utility for PDS to/from VSAM HTML
  • "Browser" capture utility for reading WEB HTML source/binary
  • "Sysplex Fail Over" capability through DNS
  • PL/1, C, C++, COBOL, ASSEMBLER call capability for CGI.
  • Remote Shutdown
  • HTML based documentation and system configuration

WWW and Application Server
The DragonFly Server provides many of the same capabilities found in non-mainframe offerings (CGI, Dynamic HTML). In addition to standard CGI functionality, DragonFly can be enabled to submit mainframe batch, communicate with operations, bind with DB2, issue TSO commands, benchmark IP Network paths, set conditions to commence or halt job scheduler functions etc. Multiple servers run in their own address space, can have their own security definitions, resources and databases. This provides the capability of secure and isolated servers coexisting with open servers. In addition, multiple instances allow the type of development/testing/acceptance/production standard in MainFrame processing environments.

Database Sharing
One of the MainFrames many strengths is the ability to share databases and files for inquiry/update. These standard facilities are supported by the DragonFly server.

Beyond CGI stdin/stdout
Previous CGI standards allowed communication using stdin/stdout between the server and application. DragonFly uses parameter passing through memory pointers for faster non-I/O transfer of data.

Dynamic HTML
The DragonFly Server includes the ability to respond with different text or entirely different documents based on the client post request through the CGI interface.

Dynamically generated documents may also contain Java Scripts.

HTML Conversion Utility
HTML presented by this server version is either generated by the CGI interface or retrieved from a VSAM database for performance. The convert utility is provided to place HTML source into this VSAM database or to retrieve existing VSAM format HTML. All HTML editing can be done using the standard ISPF interface or your most sophisticated Web editing suite.

Browser for capture
A Browser type utility is provided to capture HTML source and images from the internet. This captured data may be stored in the DragonFly database or passed on to job streams. This will allow WEB event initiated MainFrame actions. The WEB server queried may be IP addressable or name addressable.

This feature allows a shadow instance of the Server to be running on a second MainFrame that shares DB2/DASD (disk). The second server will carry on in the event of an outage or scheduled shutdown of the first MainFrame. This feature must be synchronized with specification of a secondary server/IP in the DNS.

MainFrame Programming Languages
Most standard IBM languages are supported. Full CGI functionality is available with PL/1, C and Assembler. Language Environment is the default. Full database functionality is available with COBOL. For other language support, please call us.

Warning: It is not advised to post sensitive information on a system on which untrusted users have access.

Remote Shutdown
This Server is shutdown remotely, by the DragonFly browser utility or by a console command.

Customized Error Messages
All error messages can be found in the messages section of this documentation.

Version 1.4 of the DragonFly server is not limited to 32K object sizes. The default limit shipped with the sever is 3.2 MegaBytes and can be extended to whatever region size your system supports. The browser has an object size limitation of approximately 4 GB. The Browser in this release supports virtual domain names and does not require you to obtain the IP address of a site.

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