DragonFly Server Installation


This section lists the pre-installation requirements for installing the Tyson Systems DragonFly Server

Hardware Requirements (minimum tested on):

Software Requirements:

The above spans tested recommended configurations. We can make this work on almost any version of MVS with an IP stack and a network card. Web browsers require a TCP/IP protocol stack to communicate with a Web server even if the server is on the same machine and there is no intervening network.

TCP/IP must be installed and configured on the mainframe to use the DragonFly http server

Installing the DragonFly Server

On contacting Tyson Systems Inc. You will receive instructions on how to FTP 6 files to your MainFrame. One is a text file explaining how to use the receive command on the other 5 files. Alternately we can send you a CD with the same files.

The Installation targets five libraries

The loadlib contains the compiled code for the DragonFly server, the Browser/Capture utility, the Convert utility and a PL/1 cgi program supplied to test your CGI forms. The program names are as follows.

Each developer may have their own copy of the loadlib with a different password set.

The CNTL library contains JCL to:

The SOURCE library contains:

The HTML library contains:

The PAGES file contains:

sales@dragonflyserver.com For additinal information.