Lower Your Costs

The DragonFly Server and Capture programs come as a package. Our aim is to provide low cost 3rd party software that will not hamper the growth of your organization. There are no "upgrade" fees when your shop grows. Tyson Systems Inc pricing structure puts a ceiling on you costs at purchase time.

Maintenance and support are free for the first year.
5 days X 9 hours.
7 days X 24 support is available at extra cost.

There are 3 tiers to the pricing structure to make it fair to those who will only use this on a small machine. If you are a SYSPLEX shop and have 1 small < 100 MIP machine you may request a tier 1 license provided you "promise" to use DragonFly only on that machine. Subsequent upgrading of the specific machine or expansion of DragonFly's use will require a license upgrade. LPARS or DOMAINS capped at < 100 MIPS are acceptable for tier reduction.

If you purchase the 1st or 2nd tier license now and your shop grows, there will be no purchase upgrade cost. (except as above)

If you purchase the tier 3 license, your shop will not require a license upgrade in the future and free maintenance/support will be extended an additional year.

For Disaster recovery sites you may use DragonFly free of charge.

At least 1 version upgrade and all release and maintenance upgrades are included free with this purchase. IE up to 2.9.9 is guaranteed.

Your shop may run different releases of DragonFly within at least a 2 version span without incurring additional maintenance fees.

1 up to 100 $500.00 us $100.00 us
2 between 100 and 1,000 $1,000.00 us $300.00 us
3 1,000 and over $4,000.00 us $600.00 us

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