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In this context Mainframe means IBMs MVS/XA, MVS/ESA, OS/390 and z/OS operating systems and hardware.


Special thanks to Robert Kennedy of Canada Life Assurance, Zelko Odorcic of Nova Marketing, and Jason Bridgman.

Many thanks to my MainFrame associates who all helped with suggestions and direction. IBM is of course responsible for making the hardware and OS390 available. Alana O'Donnell provided unfailing support as IBMs liason. Bruce Richardson of Videolink, Fred Downs, and Mimi Li helped with the artwork. Also thanks to Tod Sambar of Sambar Technologies who provided a model for implementation.

Server Features

Features and functionality associated with the current release of the Tyson Systems Server.

Installation and Configuration

A quick and easy guide to installing and configuring the DragonFly Server.

Convert Utility

This utility converts HTML in the server resource file to standard PDS members that can be edited in ISPF/PDF.

MainFrame Browser?

Yes. This SNAPSHOT type browser allows you to query other WEB servers and extract HTML/Graphics from them. The extracted data can be stored in the DragonFly database or used to provide input to batch streams and other programs. Most importantly this utility allows your show to capture data not available via FTP.

CGI Programming

CGI Programming overview. Methods, restrictions and features specific to this MainFrame Web Server.

URL specifications

How this mainframe server interprets URLs, and is different from (and the same as) hierarchical directory structures.

Mainframe Architecture Exploitation

Why run a native mainframe HTTP server?

Sysplex Exploitation

Uninteruptable Web Serving on the Mainframe and how to use DragonFly this way.

Commercial License

The Tyson Systems Inc DragonFly License.


Questions a Mainframe Sysprog would ask about DragonFly Server. Questions a Non-Mainframe administrator might ask.


What exactly are the security issues with this MainFrame HTTP server.


This section outlines what's on the horizon from Tyson Systems.

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