Workload Manager Exploitation


IBMs Workload Manager (WLM) allows an installation to prioritize E-Business transactions through the DragonFly server. A customer can now determine which E-Commerce or E-Business transaction set has a higher priority over some casual Web browsing. Perhaps a stock-trading transaction would get priority over a stock-quote request. An individual might get a 'Platinum Level' service at times of peak demand. Since WLM rules are implemented SYSPLEX wide, the failover scenario is also prioritized.

Scalability and Isolation

Many copies of the DragonFly server can be run simultaneously on the mainframe (up to 256 servers on one LPAR or DOMAIN). Try doing that with WebSphere. Each developer could have their own server to start and stop at will for programming and testing. They could even start DragonFly server up on their TSO session.

Any router capable of load balancing across ports can take advantage of DragonFlys multi-image capability. Coupled with GIGABIT Ethernet OSA cards, this solution should provide all the scalability needed for the most demanding E-Commerce or E-Business application.

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