Sysplex Exploitation

Most SYSPLEXED environments include shared DB2. In a shared DB2 SYSPLEX the coupling facility structures maintain data integrity accross LPARS and physical MainFrames. The DragonFly server can take advantage of this capability to provide near fault-tolerant Web Applications.

By specifying a primary and secondary address within your Domain Name Servers (DNS) you can provide fail-over capability for your applications. A second DragonFly server can be in a dormant state on an alternate LPAR. During the transition in the rare occurance of a mainframe failure, the current transaction executing in DragonFly may fail depending on its state. The client need only retry the operation and subsequent transactions or requests to the server will be re-routed by the browser. Most browsers have this capability though we urge you to verify that the standard in your installation is DNS alternate capable.

SYSPLEX capability may be enhanced in future releases if enough interest is presented to Tyson Systems. It is possible to stage a transaction in the Coupling facility and have the dormant server act on an outage. In this way even the currently running transaction would continue to run by being transferred to the alternate LPAR. We believe that most fault tolerant application needs are met by the current architecture in that the transaction(s) currently in the queue need only be re-submitted to execute in the alternate LPAR.

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