URL specifications

Referencing Stored Web Content
The current release of the DragonFly server uses a keyed VSAM file to store Web objects. The keylength is 44 bytes appended to record counts and other flags. The concept of hierarchical files does exist on a true MVS system. OMVS supports a Hierarchical File System within an MVS dataset. HFS is not used by the DragonFly server because its' I/O does not quite have the same scalability as standard MVS file allocations. We have elected to use unique names for each object. In the interest of supporting the illusion of hierarchical objects and for grouping purposes, the slash (/) is retained as a valid object character.

Thus if you wanted to group your images in the database, the key or URL, could start with "images/".

Examples would be


There is still locality of reference then in the server other than from the root. Specifying the relative URL "doc.htm" in the document "images/index.htm" does produce a relative URL "images/doc.htm". The resultant search will be for "images/doc.htm".

In general, URL specification looks and feels the same as that found on other Web Servers.

The URL length had been changed from 19 to 44 in version 1.3.